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GATE (Government Assistance for Tuiton Expenses) Funding

GATE funding is available to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who can substantiate that they have been residing in Trinidad and Tobago for at least the last three (3) years.  In order to be eligible for GATE the regulations of the Ministry is that you are 18 years and over, and that you have the qualifications to pursue a tertiary course, which CAN be 5 CXC/O'levels including English and Mathematics or equivalent and work experience where necessary. 

However if you have accessed GATE funding for a course already, you must prove that you have completed the course successfully in order to access any further funding.  When this happens you will get a GATE CLEARANCE certificate.  All of this paper work starts at the institution, when a candidate applies to study on a GATE funded course. 

The paper work includes substantiation of the above through:

- Birth certificate
- Copy of passport to prove residency or letter from job or NIS payments
- Copies of qualifications
- Evidence of job experience (where necessary)
- Evidence of having successfully completed a GATE funded course (where applicable)


The Courses that are now GATE approved at PIMBS Ltd. are:

- ABE Business Management (all levels)
- ABE Financial Management (all Levels)
- ABE Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management (all Levels)
- ABE Human Resource Management (all Levels)
- ABE Business Information Systems (all Levels)


PIMBS Ltd. is the only institution which offers the POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and as this is at the Post Graduate Level it attracts 50% GATE funding.
The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) and The Chartered Institute of Marketing(CIM) is under review for the GATE funding soon!!!!!


For more information on GATE, visit the following sites:

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education